Recent Searches

Display your site visitors recent searches easily. Bring the power of your site search feature and store recent visitors searches. Embed the recent searches in the sidebar using a widget or in the content using shortcodes. This plugin will displays the most search keywords with a link. If current user is an administrator, the search … edit read more

  Google URL Shortener

Use Google’s URL Shortener to create, track or analyze your custom URL. Bring the power and reliable URL shortner from to your dashboard. This plugin will let you to create shortened URL from administrator dashboard. Each shortened URL will be updated daily and you can analyze it by total clicks, referrer sites, user … edit read more

  WordPress Exporter

Export a single post or page with its comments, custom fields and terms easily. This plugin will add custom export queries at the WordPress export administration page. You can create your own export with custom post queries and import it to your WordPress site with WordPress Importer. To import from a WordPress export file into … edit read more

  Flickr Badges Widget

This documentation is moved from: A fast and light plugin to display your Flickr photostream in a sidebar easily without authentication. This is a simple widget to display your Flickr latest photostream in widget area using javascript from Find your Flickr ID from Flickr NSID Lookup if you do not know your flickr id. … edit read more

  FeedBurner Email Subscription

Give your biggest fans another way to keep up with your content feed by placing an feedburner email subscription on your site. This plugin gives your biggest fans another way to keep up with your content feed by placing an email subscription form on your site. The email subscription uses the Feedburner RSS driven service … edit read more